Hike and Bike Trails

Hike and Bike Trails

Approximately 100 miles of trails and 200 miles of scenic roads lead to some of the most wonderful spots at Land Between the Lakes National Recreation Area. Native wildlife, plants and wildflowers thrive in our woods, fields, and lake shores. Our trail system is extensive, offering a variety of excursion possibilities.

Hiking and Biking


We consider a backpacker to be a person who carries all her or his camping equipment and personal belongings in a backpack and wears it to walk via a hiking trail in order to camp one or more nights. Backpackers generally move along the trail to a different location by foot each day. This does not include parking a vehicle and carrying supplies by hand to a campsite.

Basic and Self-Service Camping

If you plan to camp in a designated Basic Campground or Camping Area while backpacking along a trail, you will need to purchase a Basic/Dispersed Camping Permit for each person 18 and over.

If you plan to camp at a Self-Service Campground while backpacking, you must pay a nightly per camping unit fee for camping. The Basic/Dispersed Permit cannot be used at Self-Service Campgrounds.

At Self-Service Campgrounds, you choose a site, fill out a provided fee envelope, insert your camping fee into the envelope, and deposit the envelope in the “Iron Ranger” fee tube at the entrance. Please do this within 30 minutes of setting up your camp.

Click here for more information on basic and self-service camping options.

Hiking Only


Recreation Handbook, Written by Johnny Malloy–Mr. Malloy is currently updating this wonderful book.